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The Grazing Board and More

The Ultimate Charcuterie Experience in Klamath Falls Southern Oregon
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We source and hand-select the highest quality food…”If it isn’t extraordinary, we don’t use it.” Our meticulous standards mean you won’t ever see us compromise on quality or integrity. We take drastic measures to ensure the freshness of your food – like heat sealing food at intermediate phases of prep – even when it’s simply going to sit in the refrigerator overnight.   

All charcuterie board elements are sourced weekly and include a charcutier’s choice (based on availability) of artisan cheese, cured meats nuts, vegetables, dried and fresh fruit, chocolate, condiments, and other delightful offerings to please every appetite and palate!  Gluten-free and dietary restrictive boards are always available upon request. 

Valentine's Day Boards

Graduation Day Boards


  • Two-person charcuterie board

    8″ Round Serves 1-2 people appetizer

  • Appetizer board

    12″ Round Appetizer Serves 3-4 People

  • Small rectangular charcuterie board

    14″X10″ Rectangle Serves 5-7 people appetizer

  • Small oval charcuterie board

    17″X12″ Oval Serves 7-9 people appetizer

  • Large oval charcuterie board

    22″X12″ Oval Serves 10-12 people

  • Round charcuterie board

    18″ Round Serves 15-25 people

  • Letter R charcuterie box


  • Breakfast charcuterie board

    Brunch Boards

  • Veggie only board

    Crudite Boards

  • Dessert board

    Dessert Boards

  • Dessert board

    X-Large Dessert Boards

  • Acorn butter board

    Butter boards

  • Heart charcuterie board

    10″ Couples Board



  • Large charcuterie cups

    Charcuterie Cups



  • Charcuterie lunch box

    Mini boxes

  • Charcuterie box

    Travel boxes

  • Charcuterie box

    Gentleman’s Box


Grazing Table

  • Beautiful grazing table

    Grazing Tables


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